The main goal of a tourist travel is to have fun and to refresh minds from a routine activities, such as working and studying. Putting all problems away for a while, coddling self and having fun reveal the one’s reason to make tourist travel. Therefore, here are some tips to avoid having stress during the trip.

First, Plan your budget and choose your destination carefully. Indonesia is vast—each region has its own quirks and possibilities. For instance, if you plan to have some adventure in rugged terrains, it’s advisable to come on dry season for rains might make your paths muddy.

Second, Make sure you find as many information as possible concerning Indonesia, especially about the visa.

Third, determine your tourist package based on your own budget. Don’t be uncertain to use our bureau service on tourist travel as you have known the way to select a qualified travel agency. Most importantly when you are travelling in groups. In case it’s a little bit complicated, you may ask for bureau of tourist travel to make tour package. For the last mentioned package, you may count on us.

Fourth, Have sufficient cash ready, usually US$ is preferred. It can easily be exchanged in airports, hotels, banks or reputable money changers. Customs might ask you to show how much money you bring.

Fifth, in using the tourist travel service, you are supposed to check your detailed trip, including the time, spending cost, place to stay and visit and also the kinds of entertainment you will get.

Make sure that you have figured out your all plans in detailed. If you yourself design it without help of tourist travel bureau, then you are pleased. This will ease you for your tourist travel later on.

Sixth, preparing all relating documents as you want to make tourist travel to overseas country.

Seventh, bring with you all stuff that you might think are not available in the tourist destiny such as; camera, sunblock, suncreen and a few required medicines.

Eighth, Packing up! Make sure you are bringing the proper clothes in accordance with the weather in tourist destiny. Notice as well how to pack up properly in order you don’t need to carry many bags.

Ninth, Dress sufficiently. If you are female, make sure you dress accordingly. Skimpy clothing in public area, save from beaches and pools, might warrant unwanted attention.

There will be unexpected things. Thus, no matter it takes, be sure that you enjoy your tourist travel without having anxious and hopefully you get a perfect tourist journey.

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