Surely, you need transportation to acces some places in Sorong City. There are some transportation in Sorong, such us :

1. Public transportation (Angkot)

This transportation is cheapest transportation and majority use by people in Sorong. You and group can use this transportation by spend Rp.3000/person. The identifying collor from this transportation is Yellow. In rates this transportation in mini van. You can find this transportation outside the airport area for you who used the airplane. You can find it in main street outside the harbor for the people who use ship service. You may know and notice that this transportation has their codes which is defining the destination of each public transportation. Below are the codes :

A: Kampung Baru (Sorong Harbor)

B: Kampung Baru (Sorong Harbor)

H. Kilo ( DEO Airport )

C: Malanu.

2. Rental Car

This is the transportation with rental system, it can be a choice for us when want to go in the direction of one place in Sorong quickly and comfortly. This transportation is mini bus. If you want to use this transportation, you may call us. This transportation include the offered packaged.

3. Motorcycles Transportation(Ojek)

This transportation use motorcycle as their transportation, all of this are cub. This called ojek in Sorong where the driver use yellow helm. For your safety, we also provide this transportation.

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