You will landed in Dominique Edward Osok (DEO) airport if you use the airplane. Trip to raja ampat continued by using Marina Express ship in Ferry port or by rent the speedboat near Sorong harbor. The tariff for Marina Express ship is Rp. 140.000/person. For speed boat rent, you may call us for tariff information.

You can use public transportation to arrive at Ferry port or speedboat harbor from DEO airport such us :


  1. Ojek ,motorcycle rental with the tariff Rp. 20.000, you’ll find it outside the arrival gate.

  2. Rental car, the tariff is Rp. 100.000, you’ll find it outside the arrival gate.

  3. You can also use public transportation, you must walk away to the main street to use this transportation, after arrived at the street you’ll find this with the identifying color that is yellow. This will bring you to the terminals. The tariff is Rp. 3000/ person, after arrived at terminal you must change the transportation with B code to arrive to ferry or speedboat harbor with the same tariff that is Rp. 3000/person.

NB :

We suggest you to negotiate first to get aggred tariff before use the transportation number 1 and 2. While negotiating, use the tariff we’ve inform you as a reference to avoid any deception.

If you are interested we also prepare the transportation as we mention above fot the comfort and secure.

For you who use the Pelni shipping service, you will be arrived at Sorong harbor. You can also use 3 transportiations service as we mention above to reach Ferry port from Sorong harbor. You must get outside sorong harbor area and cross to the other side to use the public transportation codes A. You can directly go on to the Ferry port without changes the routes.

If you want to go to speedboat harbor you don’t need to use the transportation to reach the speedboat port because the distance is not too far from Sorong harbor. After go outside the harbor, you may walk away to the left more or less than 250 metres.

You can download sorong map here, to easier you.

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