How to reserve?

Steps to reservation:

  1. Fill out the Full package reservation form or Round trip package reservation form.

  2. Print and fill the form in accordance with your necessity.

  3. After filling the form, click send.

  4. You will receive a replied email from us less than 24 hours which contains a detailed, total costs you have to spend, and our bank account information.

  5. Having received our email and approved it, you will have 2 x 24 hours to do the payment over the whole costs we have in detailed. After transferring the cost, we’d like you to reconfirm us by scanning the transfer receipt and send it to our email. In case we don’t receive your confirmed payment in 2 x 24 hours, your reservation is cancelled.

  6. Having received your confirmation,we’d like to email you a reservation code enclosing with reservation data in one page. Print and show us as you arrived in Domine Eduard Osok Airport of Sorong.

* If you come up with the group, reservation code will be sent to the group leader.


Terms of conditions:

  1. Do reservation 2 weeks earlier before your coming.

  2. Reservation must be done by filling the form of reservation. Reservation via telephone is not acceptable.

  3. We will serve you via telepon in case you need some information and when you have some difficulties in reservation process.

  4. Payment is only in form of transfer to our bank account. We don’t accept other forms of payment.

  5. Your sent money will not be returned in case of your unilateral cancellation.

  6. You are allowed to divert your reservation to others whom you approved by confirming us earlier.

  7. You have to tell us if you’ve got delay. We give you the dispensation during 1 day for delay.

  8. Others cost exluded from our detailed cost will be your responsibility.

  9. You are not allowed to bring drugs and other forbidden items during your travel as warned on domestic flight ticket of Indonesia.

  10. We are not responsible for any other lost caused by your own negligence.

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