As we explain before, You must transit in Sorong firstly before arrived in Raja ampat. Trip to sorong can be reach by airplane and also by sea using ship. Here are names of the ships with their routes to sorong.

1. Gunung Dempo

Routes : Jakarta - Surabaya - Makassar - Ambon - Sorong.

2. Sinabung

Routes : Bitung (Manado) - Ternate - Sorong.

3. Dorolonda

Routes : Bitung (Manado) - Ternate - Sorong.

4. Labobar

Routes : Jakarta - Surabaya - Makassar- Sorong.

5. Sinabung

Routes : Jakarta - Semarang - Makassar - Bau-bau - Bangai - Bitung (Manado) - Ternate - Sorong.

6. Dobonsolo

Routes : Jakarta - Surabaya - Makassar - Bau-bau - Sorong.

7. Tatamailau

Routes : Bitung - Sorong.

You may know that the tickets can not be ordered by online, you must go on PELNI, local travel agent to buy the ticket.

It takes 2 days or more to reach Sorong by ship from Manado, while it takes 4 days or more from Jakarta, depending on the ship you are using. the duration of trip because of the distance which is very far away.

Besides, those ships must transit in several cities before reach to Sorong.

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